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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 1, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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pragmatism over principle. >> that's your generation. i'm the old guy. >> you said you're concerned about the future. >> thank you, all. appreciate you being here with us. thank you for being with us and we'll see you back here real soon. hello, everyone. glad you could join us. >> topping the fuse this hour, a powerful win they are storm is pounding southern california giving much needed water but also causing massive mudslides. a live report on the torrential downpour. into plus, the obamacare home stretch. the pressure is rising as we enter the enrollment deadline month. we have new polls about what americans think about the law now as we debate its future. >> and were they punished for being patriotic or did
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a safety concern? a judge in favor -- rules in favor of a school that bans students from wearing american flag t-shirts. our legal panel is here. but we begin with the growing crisis in ukraine with the drumbeat of war getting louder and louder. the country putting its armed forces on full alert, warning russia that any military intervention could lead to war, adding to the turmoil, protesters in eastern ukraine raised the russian flag. meanwhile, russia's parliament giving president vladimir putin the green light to send troops into ukraine sparking fears of a larger conflict. now, heavily armed troops are already in crimea but more could be on the way. crimea is no stranger to conflict. it has been a strategic prize
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and a major battleground for centuries. now, for news, fox news radio reporter jessica is live now in crimea. so what can you tell us now, jessica? >> the latest is that there have been a lot of pro-russian demonstrations across crimeawhe. they've held candlelight vigils and shout at russia. it's approximately 60% russian here and they are upset because they feel like the new government that was instituted on thursday in kiev, the pro coalition government and very much western-leaning is going to crack down on them because they are majority russian speaking and they favor the east instead of west. so if russia does, in fact, send officially at least officially send troops to the ukraine, a lot of people say that they will line with that and welcome that. a couple of days ago,
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russian-speaking men took over regional parliament here and lowered the russian flag. the same masked gunmen took over three airports. one of the airports is in sevastopol not too far from where i am staying here and it's a strategic military base for russia. another military airport was also taken over here. a lot of confusion as to what is going on. we as people, journalists see ships out in the black sea. we see troops. no one seems to know if they are officially russian or not. they are not speaking to anyone. they have no identification on their clothing but they are definitely here. >> and jessica, i want to make sure that i understand what you said. the people there in eastern ukraine, that they are concerned that perhaps the temporary government in ukraine will not incorporate them, if you will, in terms of moving forward as to what is going to happen there. if that is what i understand you
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to stay, the russian ambassador spoke today at the emergency u.n. council and he said the same thing, that they are making sure that the kiev government includes the parties from eastern ukraine. >> absolutely. and that's what -- ukraine is very, very divided. it's not just about looking east or looking west. there are lots of different ethnicities and crimea is mostly russian speaking and there are giant swaths to the east that are russian speaking. they are afraid because they are afraid they are going to be persecuted, that their schools are going to be closed. i talked to several of them here today and they are either worried that they are going to be persecuted or that the russians are going to come in and percent cute them because they are western-leaning. a lot of fear, quite frankly. >> lots of unknown.
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you're in sevastopol. jessica, thank you very much for giving us that update there live from crimea. we are going to talk much more about all of these developments coming up with former u.n. ambassador john bolton, including the phone call that our president barack obama made to president putin and i understand that conversation lasted possibly like an hour and a half. we'll get more on that as well. gregg? in the meantime, a powerful pacific form is pounding california with very heavy rain right now. the state is already plagued by drought. now facing flash flood conditions in bone-dry areas scorched by wildfires and causing concerns for mudslides. in hard-hit glendora is dominic. >> reporter: hey there, gregg. we're in the middle of a flash
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flood onroad and the storm started about five or ten minutes ago. within seconds we saw this de deluge and this amount of water in a matter of seconds. the reason you're getting this much water is because the runoff has no vegetation after the wildfires to contain that water and we'll see more water coming down literally in moments time as the runoff from the top of the hill comes along and it doesn't look like a huge flash flood but as i wade into it, i can tell you the force of the water that is coming through, as soon as it goes over the top of my golasches, my feet, it's pushing me back. if i go any further, i'm going to lose my balance. it just shows you how much water is really coming down. today they are expecting between 4 to 5 inches. we haven't had any measurements yet of how much has fallen. this storm that you're seeing right now is perhaps the strongest that we'll have all
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day. we've been waiting all day for it to arrive. could be more than 5 inches. we'll see when the official measurements come in but certainly this is more rain in the last couple of days than california received in eight or nine months. that's how intense it really is. and it's not just here in the san gabriel valley. it goes all the way out to the coast. oxnard and malibu got hit hard there. when it comes down, it's really, really heavy. we'll be back to you and give you an update on what the situation is and what is happening across southern california. back to you. >> dominic, hang in there. be careful. thanks very much. >> yeah. definitely hang in there because the rain is finally falling there in california where it's been in the middle of a drought. meanwhile, millions from the plains to the northeast bracing yet again for another powerful snowstorm. yep, in denver, heavy snow causing a deadly pileup on i-25.
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this looks horrible. let's get you live to the meteorologist in the weather center. what's going on? >> we're going to see the weather affecting 150 million people ahead of this storm. look at the dangerous windchills. it feels like 3 in kansas city and minus 21 minneapolis. ahead of it, very warm, unstable air. we could have the potential for tornadoes this time tomorrow afternoon. so a multifaceted storm where we're getting heavy rain in southern california and we're going to see significant snow and ice with this next round of winter weather. forecast windchill, though, i mean, really dangerous. it's going to feel like minus 41 degrees at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. minus 24 in minneapolis. this could be one of the coldest
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winters on record for the folks across the northern plains and the upper midwest. so our storm system, part of the energy is going to make its way out into the plains and give us over a foot of snow and, of course, heavy downpours for the southern california area. across the plains, great lakes, across the northeast, that's where the next storm system, next round of snow is going to end up and you're going to see the potential for icing. an ice storm across the ohio river valley, the tennessee river valley over the next 12 to 24 hours. south of st. louis through nashville, mid-atlantic, south of d.c., that's where we're going to see that icing and then north of that significant snow. we'll keep you posted. multifaceted storm that originates across the midwest. >> thank you so much. >> you go it. senate majority leader harry
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reid is igniting a huge firestorm saying that stories told by president obama is just lies looking to grab headlines. republicans are hitting back and says that every week the administration seems to break another promise about obamacare. elizabeth brand has that story from washington. >> white house press secretary jay carney saying the stories are, quote, not as they are being presented but those who are seeing premium increases or, worse, a drop in coverage, disagree. >> there must be 6 million of us, then. we must call ourselves the liar's club. >> republicans are not backing down, responding to a report which cites 11 million small business employees may see their premiums go up. >> so not only is this another broken promise to 11 million people that will lose more of their hard-earned money, it's
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another slap in our face to our lard hurting, working class. >> reporter: the administration now allowing insurances outside exchange sites. a new adjustments because technical problems blocked maryland and oregon from buying coverage online. >> the subsidies remain available no matter how you get your insurance and we're making sure that they are working with states to successfully implement their marketplace. >> cover california announces that after a five-day outage of the website, more than 14,000 customers will have to redo their applications to complete the process. greg, back to you. >> elizabeth prann in washington, thanks. we're learning more about first lady hillary clinton as thousands of pages of documents on the clinton white house are now released. and a new smartphone app may make a big difference in saving
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lives. how this could create an army of cpr volume volunteers. and an amazing story in montana. how three people were rescued after a huge avalanche. >> the next thing i know, the wires are just bouncing back and forth. we thought it was like an earthquake or somebody hit a telephone pole. we weren't sure what happened and then all of a sudden here comes the fire department banging on our door. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
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welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. a group of men unleashing a brutal knife attack in southwestern china killing at least 27 people, injuring more than 100. police killing five of the suspects, no word on the motive yet. the uss somerset commissioned in philadelphia. the new navy ship named in honor of the 40 passengers and crew members killed when their hijacked united airlines flight crashed in somerset, pennsylvania, when they fought with the terrorists on 9/11. officials in montana helped three people buried by an avalanche. the victims found alive hours
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after the slide swept down a mountain and crushed a house. >> the united states calls upon russia to pull back the military forces that are being built up in the region to stand down and to allow the ukrainian people the opportunity to create their own destiny and to do so freely without intimidation or fear. >> the crisis in the ukraine, that was u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha power calling on russia to back off. she also spoke before the emergency council meeting earlier today. ukraine is heading to a possible sh showdown with russia. its powerful neighborhood ordering russia to stay away. it's now early sunday morning in kiev where the people are bracing for military action. events are -- they are moving very quickly in the ukraine, which may be on the brink of all
3:18 pm
out war. joining me now, john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, before i start with my line of questioning, i want to get your thoughts right now as we speak, the way things are unfolding, how rapidly they are unfolding, what are your thoughts, sir? >> well, i think it's all going in vladimir putin's direction at this point. i think he has got a plan a and plan b and all of these actions you're seeing the deployment of russian military forces, the exercises in the central military district and the rest are consistent with both plans. plan a, which i think putin is following, is he thinks he can re-establish over the whole country. and there is come kind of breakup, and the culturally and russian linguistic portions and putting them into the russian
3:19 pm
federation. plan a. >> when i was listening to the russian ambassador earlier this afternoon, what i gleam from that listening to the russian ambassador, it's almost like putin promised for yanukovych to maintain power there and that didn't happen so now he's sort of stepping up how he's backing yanukovych, displaying his disdain for what he's calling the illegal removal of yanukovych. >> yeah. well, i think it highlights why this is a struggle of pure power and all of the platitudes about international law and what not that were being discussed at the united nations security council this afternoon are words that putin will now use against the nationalist ukrainians. for example, it's not a
3:20 pm
violation of anybody's sovereignty or territorial integrity if your military is not invited in by the legitimate government. so who is the legitimate government of ukraine? is it yanukovych, as the russians are claiming, or the interim government in kiev. if yanukovych invites russian troops in, let's call them peacekeepers, then under the russian theory there won't be any violation of territorial integrity or sovereignty. >> but yanukovych, we don't even know where he is right now. he's not in power because he'sr. so it is the temporary government. >> listen, if bandits overthrow a legitimate government, that doesn't make the government illegitimate. all you're hearing now are words from diplomats. the europeans are outraged about what is happening in ukraine. five years after the europeans rejected the bush administration's suggestion to bring ukraine and georgia on a clear path to nato membership,
3:21 pm
the united states has essentially ignored what has happened in ukraine and now we're paying the price because our options are very limited. >> two things, i want you to tell me what has happened in the ukraine and maybe this is too simplistic but why not have ukraine split in two? >> i think there's a strategic interest for the united states but ask yourself this question, when was the last time the president either addressed publicly or considered privately what those interests are. >> the phone call that president obama had vladimir putin today. the g-8 and of course we know putin likes to put on a show. he had a show during the olympics and there in sochi and he loves to grandstand and he
3:22 pm
does care about how shis countr and power is seen. conversely, he has respect for power. so what is our play? >> we don't have a plan. you know, i personally never would have brought russia into the g-8. now all you have to do is get the europeans to agree to that. if you think they are exercised now, wait until the g-8 meeting in june and see how the europeans are doing at that point. look, i think the position of the united states, which i had no expectation the obama administration will adopt, is we should say again, we believe that a democratic ukraine should be a full member of nato. there's not going to be any security provided by the european union and it's not simply a question of saying, well, ukraine integrate economically with europe, is that his preference, it's already integrated with russia. that's what they are upset about and that's what gives putin the
3:23 pm
economic high cards. >> okay. well, we'll watch and see. it's unfolding rapidly. we'll see how president obama handles this. and we'll bring you back in to assess all of our movements, ambassador bolton, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> of course. i want to let everybody know that the crisis in ukraine will be a major topic on fox news sunday tomorrow. chris wallace is sitting down in an exclusive interview with mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee. that's fox news sunday airing at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time happening right here on the fox newschannel. well, a smartphone app could actually save your life. pulse point, it's known as, matches heart attack victims. with somebody nearby who is certified in cpr. one long island county is using the app in hopes of increasing the odds of survival for its residents. live in our new york city
3:24 pm
newsroom, brian, hi. >> hey, gregg, when a sudden cardiac occurs, the chances of survival go down by 50%. this is why this app is so important. those trained in cpr are encouraged to download the app on their phone. when a call goes out for a victim of a cardiac arrest, a simultaneous communication is alerting anyone within a quarter mile of the victim. an interactive guide directs them to the victim and the nearest locations of any public automatic external defibrillators or aeds. alerts are only made if the victim is in a public place and bring people help when the ambulance is on the way. the app was launched in february 2012. new york became the largest municipality in the northeast to adopt it. >> we've empowered tens of thousands of health care
3:25 pm
school teachers, gym coaches, people who through legislation are required to be certified as cpr, you know, certifications are now pulling into that app and using it. >> every day more than 1,000 americans die from sudden cardiac arrest. suffolk county officials and pulse point say, you don't necessarily need to be certified in cpr to download the app. all it takes to save someone's life is 100 compressions per minute. any pressure is god as long as it's at the center of the chest. it's a nonprofit foundation. the app is currently being used in 17 states and more than 525 communities and the hope is that the technology will continue to spread. >> that's got to be the best app ever, right? >> i can't argue with that. >> yes. >> it's fantastic. >> it's really smart. it's really helpful. >> save lives. >> it's so great. >> i agree with you. >> brian, thanks very much. okay. we're going to move on.
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russia's parliament is getting the go-ahead for troops to move into ukraine as ukraine's own military is put on high alert. we'll have white house reaction coming up next. also, a court backs the california school that told students to turn their american flag t-shirts inside out or go home fearing it would incite violence with latino students on s cinco de mayo. >> our boys being teenagers were proud of their team. it had nothing to do with political animosity, nothing. when i -- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important rt of staying active and strong. ensureigh protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrin charge!
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a fox news alert, condemning the action in ukraine and calling for withdrawal of its forces. this is coming after president obama spoke by telephone seen here in this picture with russian president vladimir putin
3:31 pm
on the crisis and after a top level meeting. the russia parliament approving the sending of troops to ukraine. earlier president obama warned russia to stay out of ukraine or there would be, quote, costs for my military intervention. let's bring in molly live in d.c. what are you hearing there? >> president obama spook with vladimir putin for 90 minutes today and urged him to pull russian troops out of the crimea. as for the costs that the president mentioned yesterday, the white house said that he made it clear to putin that participation in the g-8 summit in june is on the line here. the white house said president obama told putin the united states will suspend upcoming
3:32 pm
participation in preparatory meetings for thelead to politic si isolation. participants included chuck hagel, john brennan, martin dempsey and james clapper. president obama did not attend the meeting but was briefed on it later. but can the obama administration get vladimir putin's attention? republicans say they are doubtful that the russian president worries much about what president obama says he will do. >> i'm sure that putin is shaking in his fur-covered boots. look, this is an administration that issues warnings but never does anything about it. the red line in syria, we're going to get control of benghazi. it means nothing and putin knows it means nothing. >> john mccain says he's, quote, deeply concerned that russia will expand its military
3:33 pm
presence further into ukraine. >> mol he loly, thank you very for that report. gregg? an attorney for california students banned from wearing american flag t-shirts in their high school is calling the latest ruling absolutely ridiculous. a federal appeals court saying their rights were not violated when the school told them to hide the american flag logos or go home, fearing it could incite violence on cinco de mayo. joining us are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. good to see you both. there is a long and distinguished history of the supreme court saying that the rights of students can be compromised if what they are communicating could insight violence. so what about this, doug? >> well, you look at the ninth circuit opinion and it's very
3:34 pm
clear. they cite tinker versus des moines. >> famous case. >> famous case. students are free to express their first amendment views, however, if it interferes with the propered a handwriting of the school. >> right. and in this case the school felt that what the students did by wearing the american flag could incite violence between the students because of the past history between the mexicans and -- >> what other students? hispanic students? >> right. >> wouldn't hispanic students who came here to america, many of them, some of them born here in america, wouldn't they be proud of the american flag? see, i don't get this. >> i think they would be but i think under the circumstances of this particular incident, there must have been some history for the motive and intent of the students wearing the flag. >> see, doug, the american flag offensive when people are gaining the benefit of america?
3:35 pm
>> no. no. no. there is no question and i freely concede that the initial headline is, my god, a school is telling students they can't wear the american flag. leave it there. but what she's saying and i'll be more specific, there were a couple of specific cinco de mayo, 5th of may, incidents where there was violence so they said in order to avoid that we're taking this measure and this is interesting and i saw this today, even i spoke about this yesterday, two students were allowed to continue to wear the american flag shirt. a fact conveniently omitted by anyone discussing this case and the appeals court lashed on to that and said they were doing it in a very fair manner because they let two kids continue to wear it. >> wasn't it your stepdaughter that brought that to your attention? >> i was asked yesterday, wait a minute, the mexican students are allowed to wear their shirt but the americans aren't. isn't that a clear violation?
3:36 pm
and i was actually caught off guard with the question but the reality is, it's the scinco de mayo event. it's like a jet rally, i go with my jet shirt. >> i could never do that, by the way, because -- >> and the guys show up with -- >> i don't want to call them losers but -- >> they call them patriot shirts. >> that's right. >> certain students may have expressed, we're going to wear this in disrespect to these students or we're upset. it may vary. and i'm sure the next day or any other day of the school year they can wear the american flag t-shirt. >> back in the day we had dress codes, just like private schools. >> right. >> we had dress codes. >> that's interesting. >> but i could not grow facial hair. i grew a mustache the day i graduated high school. i looked like ron burgundy for the next 20 years. and you had to wear slacks. you could not wear jeans.
3:37 pm
you had to wear dress shirts. you couldn't wear polo shirts. >> and? >> and we all ended up sick and twisted. so that didn't work. all right. -- >> well, your dress code looks pretty good for today. >> thank you very much. >> i went to catholic school and we couldn't wear hoop earrings. we had to wear studs. >> really? >> yes. >> good. >> i'm surprised you were allowed to wear anything at all at catholic school. get beaten by a ruler. >> i know. >> they are all on thin ice. >> i know. >> maybe get a lot of e-mails on that one. >> doug burn, keesha, thanks fo being with us. >> thanks. e-mails, how about let's start with me? don't talk about the catholic schools, okay? >> come on. >> so there. >> it's why you are who you are today. >> which is great. >> and we move on now. thanks, guys. coming up, a major deadline for obamacare this month. so what are americans saying about the law? we have brand-new polls.
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here are the top stories making headlines at this hour. president obama speaking with france and canada expressing their grave concerns over russian military intervention in ukraine and agree to coordinate closely to support the
3:42 pm
government in kiev. and millions in california bracing for a huge rain storm that's expected to lead to widespread flooding and dangerous mudslides. the region has been reeling from a devastating drought that could make the situation a whole lot worse. from rain to snow, millions from the northern plains to the northeast now in the path of a powerful winter storm expected to dump as much as a foot of snow and make a mess of the roads and the airports. get out your shovel and your snowplow because you're going to be out there in a day or so. >> yeah. it's a mess. get you caught up on some politics now. thousands of documents released yesterday by the clinton presidential library. the papers offer a behind-the-scenes look at bill and hillary clinton and spearheading the administration unsuccessful effort overhaul america's health care system. so any other juicy nuggets?
3:43 pm
well, chief correspondent jane rosen has a look. >> the presidential library released the first batch of some 33,000 pages that had been withheld for longer than the law allows. they did offer insights into the way the clintons operated back in the '90s and lessons for today's white house as well. when then first lady hillary clinton unsuccessfully tackled health care reform in her husband's first term, she said that most people in america, quote, don't understand their own health insurance. another memo exchange between clinton white house aides on the eve of the 1994 state of the union urged that the administration not promise people that they can keep their health care plan or doctor if they want. isn't the whole thrust of our health plan to steer people toward cheaper and hmo-style
3:44 pm
providers? and as the first lady prepared to travel to a woman's conference in beijing where she delivered a memorable line that still echos today? >> human rights are women rights and women rights are human rights for once and for all. >> her chief of staff was told that mrs. clinton should do more interviews with regional media because it will help get around her aversion to the national washington media and serve to counter the tone of the media. and adviser mandy wrote to the first lady, don't be defensive. the press is obviously watching to see if they can make you uncomfortable or testy. they often see you in very stern situations and lastly, be careful to be real. >> you'd be surprised at the
3:45 pm
number of people in public who privately get reminded to be real. >> reporter: nothing earth-shattering appeared to be in the documents but that makes you wonder why it was desired to keep it locked up? >> it's just a document release that would be awkward and perhaps a bit unpleasant but nothing more. >> the national archives told me about 4 to 5,000 pages would be released in the first installment and it was a rolling affair with editions popping up as the day went on. the remaining 25,000 pages or so will take about two weeks to go automobile. in washington, james rosen, fox news. obamacare is entering the enrollment deadline month. can the administration meet its sign-up goal and what americans are saying about the president's signature legislative achievement, next. >> because of you, we now have 4
3:46 pm
million americans who have signed up for quality private health insurance through the marketplace exchanges. 4 million people have already signed up. this is interesting. it says here that a woman's sex drive increases the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heartisease. it seems that 80 is the new 18. grannies, bless your heart, you are bringing sexy back! eat up.
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we are in the obamacare home stretch. its final months of the administration's self-imposed obamacare deadline enrollment to get 7 million signups before march pretty steady since november with 47% many finding it unfavorable and yet about half of americans still want congress to keep the law and improve on it rather than repeal and replace it. let's talk about it. matt is a former presidential white house director under president bush. david mercer joins us. david, let me start with you, 2.5 americans will lose their jobs according to nonpartisan cbo. we're talking about higher premiums, lost medications, lost coverage, lost doctors, lost
3:51 pm
hospitals and a website that really isn't working well. is it any wonder that obamacare has become a dirty word, especially among democrats trying to run for re-election? >> i don't think it's been a dirty word and 3.5 to 4 million people thinking otherwise and i think we're going to see those numbers go up, especially what you have going as an indicator, i think, and maybe the audience will agree is now you have republican governors who were nay sayers in ohio, arizona, utah, now beginning to implement the affordable care act change and more people are going to have access to enrollment and you're going to see those numbers approach 6 million to 7 million before march 31st. i think you're going to see it become a better and better word and it's going to go word of mouth to others. >> not a dirty word but a good word. matt, let me talk to you about that, fair and balanced. you saw the numbers in my intro.
3:52 pm
more americans still want congress to keep the law rather than repeal it. doesn't that suggest to you that republicans' efforts to get rid of this thing are simply misguided? >> there are have been efforts to eliminate obamacare but there have been things done to improve it. republicans have proactive ideas and they better explain them well to voters because health care issues are front and center. health care is one of the most dangerous issues for a politician to touch. president obama's biggest problem with obamacare is he did it only with democratic votes and a lot of those democratics voters to voted for it are fleeing congress because they're infuriated with what is happening with this bill. >> earlier john pots lays out the 12 senate seats that are up for play and it doesn't look
3:53 pm
good for democrats. they are behind in a majority of those senate races, and it looks like if the election were held today that democrats would lose the u.s. senate. what do you think? >> if it were held today we might not see a minority leader, mitch mcconnell given that he's lower not poles than grimes' democratic opponent. i would remind people of history. in the last two attempts guy the gop to secure the majority in the senate have failed, even when the demographics and the landscape favored them. they themselves had self-inflicted wounds that prevented them from even getting closer to the majority. i think it's a wait-and-see and we got to get our ducks in a row on both sides but i think the challenge is on the republicans to try and get it and i'm not sure they will having failed the last two occasions. >> matt, is it wise for
3:54 pm
republicans in the next 8 months to focus strictly on obamacare and then you got ted cruz who is ripping up the republican party in the minds of many. how do you stay cohesive and how do you win? >> politics is about pulling together a coalition and the republican coalition is diverse. we've got moderates, conservatives, people from the rural areas. >> and you got ted cruz. >> and we've got ted cruz and voters in texas. >> and primaries. >> ted cruz is ripping up the republican party according to many people in the party and jeopardizing their ability to win the mid-terms. what do you think about that, matt? >> i think that's wrong. he speaks to an important constituentsy out out there. >> he's not divisive and hurting the party? >> there are a lot of people who he doesn't appeal to. you at the 47% of the people in
3:55 pm
the pole you just talked about, those people are upset and they're going to vote and people like ted cruz are voicing their concerns. there are plenty of other people in the republican party who voice their concerns. >> thanks to you both, please come back. thousands of people celebrating the world famous carnival in the streets of rio de janeiro, musicians flooding the streets. one of the main attractions is a giant parade marking its 96th year. the country virtually shuts down for the big party with fest tifties lasting about a week. let's talk about new orleans. we do it for two weeks. >> what is it like? >> it's great. beads and trin kets. it's fun. am i out of time?
3:56 pm
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president obama has spoken with the russian president, vladimir putin, and we understand it was a 90-minute phone call on what is happening in ukraine and russia's growing role. i'm harris faulkner. the white house released a statement saying, the united states condemns russia's military intervention into ukrainian territory and asks that they withdraw forces and refrain from interference elsewhere in ukraine. president obama also telling president putin, that continued military action inside ukraine


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